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Passionate about design and Mom of two young daughters, Virginie was looking for an offer which was both contemporary and timeless, in order to furnish her children's room while having fun. With the desire to buy European and to combine design, esthetics and price, Virginie then begins her quest, looking for any website or shop to meet her expectations, but fails to find that special something.

After finding only design furniture that's too expensive for the majority, the project becomes obvious to Virginie : create furniture which combines esthetics, accessibility and a decent price. From that time, her goal was to create a space in which each parent could recognize himself and feel good. An innovative place aimed at proving that design can be accessible to all. Then began a process of creation which will finally lead FDTC's launch in June 2012.

A whole team is present alongside Virginie, and together they draw their inspiration daily : through the streets, strolling in front of the shops, at trade shows, but mostly just by observing the children, who represent the primary source of creation and envy.

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